Had some time to get in training exactly how I wanted today.  Made it to the gym then out to throw after.  I miss doing this and will continue to

do this for the next 2 weeks till the games.  I am also very excited that we are having a Pro contest at the Kickoff games in Forth Worth next weekend.  This will give me a shot to get out and knock a bit more of the dust off.  Also getting to throw with Andy, Spencer, and Mike Dickens is always a treat.


Things started to feel more dialed in.  I think in another two weeks I will be exactly where I need to be for The Arnold.  The weather is not looking to bad as of now but I will keep my fingers crossed.  I can deal with cold, but cold and wet Eats a dick.




bar x 10

40 x 5

60 x 3

80 x 3 x 3

100 x 3


100 x 3

120 x 3  x 3

130 x 3


WOB: x 30 only missed 5

HWFD: 49# x 10 

LWFD: x 5 

Stone: all 17.5# x 5 

Hammer: 20# x 5


New book is coming along great.  Really happy with the progress.  There will be a ton

of photos in this one as well as 45 pages of How to.  Throwing LAB, dropping in 2 weeks.





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